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Deep in the CG (computer image) field of Beijing crystal digital technology, is committed to providing customers with different industries based on digital image services overall solution.


The crystal stone to cross-border integration and innovation value "concept, from the pre planning consultation, scheme design in the mid to late implementation of the project, and then the subsequent maintenance upgrades, to provide full services tailored for customers, ensure project quality, the implementation process is smooth, no worries.


Enshi Planning Exhibition Hall

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Dongguan nancheng urban planning exhibition hall

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promotional video for deqing yuan

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Front street promo video

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Beijing green city TBD report

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Shanghai bund international financial services center

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The Asian games town planning film

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London Olympics

In March 2009, the London Olympic Games was awarded as the official supplier of the London Olympic Games
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The company's business can be divided into digital image making and integrated vision system,

which is mainly used in the production of digital image design visualization, commercial publicity and video effects, integrated vision system is mainly used in exhibitions, events and virtual simulation etc..

Your concern for us is the driving force for progress

Crystal has been awarded the "China cultural tourism industry annual award" by the national association of industry and commerce
The 8th China real estate annual conference, and the first meeting of the members of the first national chamber of commerce and industry of real estate chamber of commerce, was held in Beijing yesterd
Huairou science city exhibition center completed
Huairou science city is one of the three comprehensive national science centers in China. Its core and cutting-edge technology to construction of major science and technology infrastructure cluster cr