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Beijing Crystal Digital Technology Company Limited, also known as Crystal CG, established in 1995, based in Beijing, with dozens of branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc., is one of the leading digital and visual creative corporations in China. The Company, specialized in Computer Graphics, is dedicated to provision of one – stop solution of digital graphics and imaging service.

The Company has achieved its leadership as a prestigious brand in visual technology through its three digital scroll projects in Beijing 2008, Shanghai 2010, and London 2012. It served as supplier in such names as computer graphics, digital imaging, and multimedia for a number of major events, including Beijing 2008 Olympics Bid Committee and Organizing Committee, Shanghai 2010 World Expo, London 2012 Olympics Organizing Committee, Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympics Organizing Committee, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Bid Committee, as well as the World Internet Convention 2015, 2016, 2017.

The Company was awarded the Technological Innovation Award by the Beijing Municipal Government in 2012.

The Company specializes in the following business, first, based on computer graphics technique, provision of one stop service of digital graphics and imaging, from concept, to design, to production; second, overall visual display solution for exhibition hall, from concept, to design, to hardware and software integration, to content production, to implementation; both of which aims at meeting visualization needs in publicity, display, presentation, report, communication, entertainment. The former applies mainly in such areas as design visualization, commercial promo, film special effects, while the latter serves exhibition, event, and virtual simulation.

The Company’s portfolio includes digital film, temporary exhibition featured in digital content, new media exhibition and event, visual display solution for exhibition hall, multimedia interactive item, Virtual Reality.